Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.

Samuel Beckett

French-born theatre artist, workshop leader & cultural entrepreneur. That’s me in a nutshell.

Saying French-born rather than just French is not a strange typo! It comes from an early age, from knowing that the only kind of citizen I wanted to be was a ‘citizen of the world’.

I carried that seed with me while I studied/worked/lived in over 10 countries and along the way, the desire to make a theatre ‘without borders’ emerged, one that couldn’t be attached to any one country or artistic tradition.

It already felt right back then but looking at the current context, with countries literally shutting their borders down & extremism on the rise, carrying on with an all inclusive practice that blends genders, nationalities, languages, translations, methodologies and scenic devices has gained in urgency and necessity.

In 2014, I created DEFIANT REALITY – THEATRE FOR CHANGE. Although founded in London where I was living at the time, I’ve taken the company with me on the road and it’s since then become a fully nomadic operation.

DRT develops 2 lines of work:

1/ create theatre with a gender focus. The company has 4 theatrical pieces in its repertory, all of them directed by women and presenting leading female characters that exist far and beyond their gender role. Find out about past productions and the currently touring production ‘Carry it to the End’ here.

2/ create theatrical and pedagogical experiences for people who find themselves in social conditions of vulnerability. Read about the processes developed in Colombia, Ecuador, India and London here.


Academic & artistic training :

Bachelor’s Degree in Musicals from the ISAS (Institut Supérieur des Arts de la Scène), Paris, France (2009)

Post-graduate in Theatre from the École Dramatique Sylvia Roche, Marseille, France (2010)

Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Administration from York University, Toronto, Canada & the University Lumière Lyon II, Lyon, France (2005).