Carry it to the end (on tour)

Currently on tour in English & in Spanish

Written, directed & performed by Maud Madlyn

Produced by Defiant Reality – Theatre for Change

Genre: Theatrical Monologue

Running time: 50 minutes

Language: English (with or without Spanish surtitles) or in Spanish.

Teatro La Concha - Cali, Colombia PH: Leo de la Parca

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4.5/5 stars – ‘Carry it to the End [uses] the personal and the poetic to talk about things that matter.’ – Michael Davis, Breaking the Fourth Wall, November 2018, London (UK)

‘Gracias por mostrarnos que sí es posible un mundo distinto y que las pequeñas obras son las que transforman el mundo.’ – Fundación Fundescodes, Mayo 2019, Buenaventura (COL)

Audience responses:

It was personal, original, moving, interesting (like really), magical, physical, thought provoking…. A beautiful piece of theatre.

Wonderful to hear people in the audience vocalising, relating and responding to what the piece was saying.

Exquisitely executed, gracefully genuine and incredibly intimate.

The play is fantastic, you’ve put together a brilliant piece of work that’s very important, very ‘today’. Thank you – I felt re-energised this morning thinking about your play

Poster design by Andrés Montes PH: Leo de la Parca

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Developed between England, the Colombian Amazon, Mexico and India, ‘Carry it to the End’ is a piece of artivism to make sense of a world going mad and against which, nothing can be done – so they tell us!

It starts with a helpless and lonely knock on a shaman’s maloca door.

What follows is a fantastical ‘ayahuascean’ theatre tale weaving through geographical lands and metaphysical realms.

It’s a tale about what it means to be human, a tale to remind ourselves of our responsibility within the grand scheme of things, a tale to burn to the ground the idea that nothing can be done, a tale about looking at our helplessness in the eye and rekindling the hope that the state of the world is not out of our hands and that things don’t actually have to be this way.

Show trajectory:

Premiere – November 2017 – London (UK) as part of Voila! Europe Festival

December 2017 / January 2018 – Chile tour (Villa Alemana, Valparaíso, Illapel, Salamanca, La Serena)

June 2018 – Cali (COL)

November 2018 – Cali (COL) & London (UK)

May 2019 – Tolú (COL) & Buenaventura (COL)