The Lark

Written by Jean Anouilh

Adapted & directed by:

Sophie Moniram for the Cockpit Theatre and by Astrid Pons for the Rose Playhouse

Original music by Nicola Chang

Maud Madlyn as Joan of Arc

Produced by Defiant Reality – Theatre for Change

Genre: contemporary theatre

Running time: 50 minutes:

Language: English & French

Poster design by Theo Luc Hopkinson

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Surrounded by French, English and Spanish Inquisition judges, Joan is moments away from being burned. In a few seconds, she will be nothing but a pile of ashes at the foot of the stake.But hark! Are we back in Domremy, where Joan was born? Is that Chinon and Charles the Dauphin on his throne? As death draws nearer, Joan’s life flashes before her eyes giving an insight into the key moments she remembers for one last time in a fast-paced medieval drama, full of wit, humour and tragedy.