Trojana (on tour)

Creation: Maud Madlyn y Andrés Montes Zuluaga

Original idea: Andrés Montes Zuluaga

Production: Defiant Reality – Theatre for Change (UK/France) & LACRA (Col)

Winner of a creation grant in 2019 by the Gobernación del Valle del Cauca (Col)

Audience reviews

“It was brilliant and a needed interrogation.”

“Thank you 🙏🏻 Wow! Very intense, thought provoking indeed.”

“I think very few email specific interactive projects deal with such a huge scale of human morality. Trojana: Webcamming Chronicles is captivating and uncomfortable, which are my two favorite things in a show; and they are as much investigators as they are performers. It’s also amazing how for a profession with so much performance, Maud and Andrés subverted the expectation that we might see a “””performance””” Gorgeous”

“Really powerful.”



Genre: Live art documentary

Running time: 90 minutos

Language: Spanish

Fotografía: Leonardo Linares & Edwin Gómez Cerón / Diseño: Angelika Gardeazabal Collazos

Trojana: Webcamming Chronicles

Genre: Expanded documentary

Format: Digital email experience

Languages: English, French & Spanish


Colombia. Country where every day, 55 underage girls are raped, 8 women assassinated, and where, in 2017, 109 people belonging to the LGBTQI+ community were found lifeless. Country where Madlyn and Montes Zuluaga, convinced that in order to ‘detain this gender violent behaviour, it is necessary to understand its core and make it visible’, decide to investigate the sexual violence that circulates on the internet. As Colombia is the second leading world power in internet prostitution, the two artists convert their bodies into Trojan horses, infiltrating themselves in the cybersex industry. They start working as ‘webcam models’, speak with various people involved in the business, and delve into an endless amount of artistic, philosophical, academic, and statistical sources. In doing so, they show that there are no easy responses to solve a violence born from the very fundamentals of our societies. By questioning pornographic repertoires, patriarchy, neoliberal capitalism & heteronormativity, they give the audience material for a debate that can no longer be postponed.

Fotografía: Leonardo Linares

Show trajectory:

November 2019 – Premiere – Cali (COL)

January 2020 – Artistic residency ‘Pornotopía’ – Pachuca (MEX)

January 2020 – Trojana performance – Pachuca (MEX)

October 2020 – Trojana performance – International Theatre Festival – Cali (COL)

November 2020 – Trojana: Webcamming Chronicles – Digital variation – Voila! Europe Festival (UK)

Speaking with Ferlaa Estrada about the ‘Pornotopía’ creation residency in Pachuca (MEX)